H5P activities list

This book includes 46 H5P activities. Only those which have been inserted into book content will be included if the book is cloned.

ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
1Unit 1-Day 1-Padlet 1Iframe Embedder
2Unit 1-Day1-PPT 1Iframe Embedder
3Unit1-Day1-Pretask 1-matchingImage Pair
4Unit1 Day1 PreTask 1-matchingIframe Embedder
5Unit 1 Day 2 PreTask 1: Self-ChecklistIframe Embedder
6Unit1-Day1-Pretask 1-matching 1Drag the Words
8Unit 1 Day 2 Pre-Task 2Iframe Embedder
9Unit1 Day2 CoreTask PPTIframe Embedder
10Unit1 Day 3 Core Task PPTIframe Embedder
11Unit 1 Day 3 PreTask 2Essay
12UNIT 1 Day 3 Pre-Task 2Structure Strip
13Unit 1 Day 4 Review TaskIframe Embedder
14Unit1 Day5 Task-In-ActionStructure Strip
15Unit 1 Day 5 Task Step 4Essay
16Unit 1 Day 6 CBELStructure Strip
17Unit 2 Day 1 PPTIframe Embedder
18Unit 2 Day 2 PPTIframe Embedder
19Unit 2 Day 3 PPTIframe Embedder
20Unit1 Day 3 Pre-Task 2Iframe Embedder
21CHIN 3010 Unit 1 Day 5 Task in ActionsIframe Embedder
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